Sectors and Zones

To elaborate on my Basemap, I’ve added layers for Sectors and Zones. Here’s a great blog post from Deep Green Permaculture that explains these concepts in depth. I’ve had to branch out and use a free program called Inkscape, to draft my overlay layers. When you try to make overlays in SketchUp, you run into overwriting issues, as every layer simultaneously exists in the same geometry, and you only toggle visibility when turning on/off layers.


For a reminder, here’s the plain basemap.

Gilmore Trail Model Zones.png

Here’s the Zones overlay.


Here’s the Sectors overlay.


Here’s the combo, showing how they overlap. I also have the trees as a separate layer, which can be added at-will to show a more realistic display of space.

When drawing out these Sectors and Zones, I really noticed how little of the property we use regularly. We also have a great deal of “wild space”. Our main access pathways follow the flat cleared part of the property, which also intersects somewhat with the predominant wind directions. This makes sense, as tall trees on all sides act as wind blocks, and the clearings create local wind tunnels. I also didn’t realize before mapping out Zones just how much room we have for free-ranging the chickens or tying out goats for grazing. The Zones will definitely shift once the design process truly begins, as my current garden space is terribly small (northwest of the greenhouse along the driveway).


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