Vegetable Garden Design

One of our assignments this week was to design a small garden plot. Since I won’t be planting much this year because I will be gone for much of the summer, and I have too much to observe at the property before doing anything permanent, I decided to work on the design for my small-scale vegetable garden.

The plant species are restricted to seeds I already have laying around from last year, and their positions are dictated primarily by sunlight/shelter needs and companion planting considerations.

When trying to design for optimum light, I ended up basing the backbone on a sine wave, with the long middle section perpendicular to the sun arc. Once it was fleshed out with plants, it more closely resembled an octopus tentacle. In this orientation, everything is accessible from the sides or in little keyholes or pathways. There are nitrogen fixers on both ends of the garden, and fragrant pest confusers and flowering beneficial insect attractors throughout. The radishes and carrots essentially occupy the same space, with the shallow radish root taking the shallow soil leaving the deeper reaches for the carrots.


I’m interested to see how it works in the ground!


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